Afghan war cannnot be fought on Pakistani soil: Khurram Dastgir

Jan 15, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Defense Khurram Dastgir Monday informed the National Assembly that Indian forces committed more than 1300 cease fire violations in 2017 at Line of Control which resulted in 52 deaths and injuries to 175 persons. “Just today, our four valiant soldiers embraced martyrdom in unprovoked firing by Indian forces. The nation salutes to these martyrs and prays Almighty Allah to grant fortitude to their families,” he said while giving a policy statement in the National Assembly. The minister said that Indian government had accelerated Pakistan bashing as a highly militarized and belligerent neighbor. The case of Kalboshan Yadev was proof of his efforts for unrest in other countries, he added. The Minister said that India had been involved in grave human rights violation in Occupied Kashmir. He said that Pakistan was a responsible nuclear state and it would continue with its policy of full spectrum deterrence in line with the policy of credible minimum deterrence and avoidance of armed race. He said the government would meet with vigor and commitment the growing challenges to Pakistan's security and towards maintaining strategic stability in the region. He said Pakistan's defense was robust and country’s vigilant and highly trained armed forces continue to protect and defend our land, sea and air borders. He said Pakistan had paid huge price in the war against terrorism and cleared its territory of terrorists. He said Pakistan had cleared safe heavens of terrorists from the country. He said Afghan war could not be fought on Pakistani soil. Khurram Dastgir said Pakistan considered Afghanistan as a sovereign neighbour who shared abiding bonds of history, trade and culture. He said Pakistan respected sovereignty of Afghanistan and wished to see its neighbour a prosper democratic state but Pakistan would like this courtesy to be reciprocated. The Minister said that United States had been fighting in Afghanistan for last 16 years but failed to achieve the targets. He said Pakistan should not be made scapegoat for US failures in Afghanistan. He said the way forward for Pak-US relations should not be through threats, notices and suspension of support. He said that Pakistan had suffered a huge loss in the war against terrorism as an ally to United States. Pakistan had to face economic loss and damage to lives and property of the citizens. The suffering has been immense and painful and it is unfair by US to blame Pakistan when it had not been able to pacify the situation in Afghanistan. He said around 43 per cent of Afghanistan region was beyond the control of its government but Pakistan respects the sovereign state of Afghanistan as a neighboring country. Pakistan and China have agreed to have a peaceful Afghanistan while Gwardar port and China Pakistan Economic Corridor are proof of high economic cooperation. JUI-F Parliamentary Leader Maulana Fazl ur Rehman said that national interests were kept on priority while formulating foreign policy.




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