Woman breaks up over boyfriend's "weird" bond with sister

Jan 04, 2018
NEWS DESK: A Sydney-based woman has spoken out about breaking up with a boyfriend because of the uncomfortably close bond he had with his younger sister, reported The Independent. Jacinta Coelho explained that she ended the relationship after just four month because “Jack” made her feel like she couldn’t compete with his 21-year-old sister “Melinda” - both names are pseudonyms. The 30-year-old writer revealed how “Melinda” would hardly ever leave the couple alone and rarely spent time with any friends of her own. Writing in a post for Mamamia, Coelho said that “Melinda” would glaringly watch the pair cuddling on the sofa before promptly storming off to her room. “Did I think it was weird her staring at us? a little…but honestly…that was only the beginning,” she writes. On one occasion, Coelho recalls how “Melinda” confessed that she was probably still single because she hadn’t found anyone that matched up to her brother. The siblings often slept in the same bed together, which only further unnerved Coelho. When she confronted him about it, “Jack” responded: “Oh, sometimes her room creeps her out, she feels safer in my bed so I let her sleep there." This, Coelho explains, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “My 'close sibling weirdness' threshold was then broken,” she said. After she asked him about it, “Jack” responded defensively which led Coelho to ultimately break things off, not wanting to come between him and his family. “Don't get me wrong, I think it's sweet when siblings are close,” she resolved. “But to me there is such a thing as 'too close'.”







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