Bacha Khan University: Boys and girls no more allowed to sit together

Dec 26, 2017
PESHAWAR: Announcing its new set of rules for the campus, the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda prohibited students from partaking in politics on campus while disallowing male students and staff from sitting idly or roaming with female students. The new set of rules was announced in a notification issued by the varsity earlier this month. The notification said: "The violators shall be penalized without any further warning. This shall be treated as the first and last warning." Moreover, the varsity’s administration banned the use of rooftops of all campus buildings, including hostels. The use of shawls and ragging of new students has also been prohibited. Some of the students appreciated the new set of rules, but others were apprehensive. Furthermore, the university has barred students from smoking. According to Chief Proctor Dr Muhammad Shakeel, smoking was already banned at every educational institution. On the shawl ban, he explained that it was a security measure. Talking about girls sitting with male students, Dr Shakeel said, “We do not want to create an environment like primary schools but we just want to create a suitable environment for students to study,” he said, adding that the bar does not mean boys were completely barred from sitting next to girls and interacting. "However, if they are sitting together for hours or in objectionable places, then they will be pulled up." What will be the punishments? According to the chief proctor, these will be decided on case-to-case bases.






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