You can avert spread of TB by wearing surgical mask

Dec 22, 2017
ISLAMABAD: The patients of tuberculosis are being covered countrywide adequately under National TB Control programme and they are being provided free medicines and treatment. In Punjab , these medicines are being provided free of cost through courier services at their residential addresses. This was stated by Dr Nasir Mehmood Khan National Program Manager, National TB Control Program Pakistan. Commenting on the preventive measures by relatives of TB patients, he informed that complete isolation and frightening attitude is unwarranted; Care has to be made at the time of coughing and sneezing, which can be totally ensured by wearing surgical mask. TB is spread by germs in the air, and germs are put there by coughing or sneezing. Handling a patient's bed sheets, books, furniture or eating utensils does not spread the infection, he added. Dr Nasir further added that even eating in same plate does not transmit the disease. The bacteria of TB is short-lived in open environment which is transmitted through coughing or sneezing, which can be easily avoided by wearing surgical mask. He said that TB Control programme was arranging workshops all over country to make educate masses about TB and they educate people that It is not easy to become infected with tuberculosis. Usually a person has to be in proximity to someone with TB disease for a long period of time. TB is usually spread between family members, close friends, and people who work or live together. TB is spread most easily in closed spaces over a long period of time, he said. He further informed that even if someone becomes infected with tuberculosis, that does not mean they will get TB disease. Most people who become infected do not develop TB disease because their body's defenses protect them, Dr Nasir said. –APP


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