Cell phone radiations  may cause serious brain damage: Experts

Dec 21, 2017
ISLAMABAD: Medical Experts have warned the citizens about the risks of mobile usage which can cause brain cancer, heart diseases, infertility, memory loss, depression and anxiety. Talking to a private news channel in an interview neurologist Dr. Tauseef revealed that mobile phones emit radio frequency energy, when the signal is weak, the phone sends out more radio frequency energy to boost its connection to signal towers. Dr. Tauseef Ahmed said that body postures and typing styles are closely related. Awkward posture of listening phone causes multiple issues related to spinal and nervous system. Speaking in the programme, psychiatrist Dr. Muhammad Javed Sheikh said excessive use of mobile phone is associated with behavioral changes which lead to depression. It also leads to social isolation and a decreased interest in things like nutrition, exercise and enjoyable activities. The experts said that people could also reduce their risk of brain cancer by carrying their phones in a bag or purse - not in their pockets. Reduce or avoid using phones when it only has one or two bars of signal. Using wireless headsets could lower the risk of cancer, as they emit much less energy than mobile phone. The experts recommend keeping phones away from the body when they’re not in use—in a backpack, for example, rather than a pocket—and sleeping with phones away from the bed. People may also choose to use speakerphone or a headset to make calls, rather than holding the phone to their heads. - APP




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