Kuwaiti Woman pays heavy fine over Whatsapp insult

Dec 05, 2017
KUWAIT CITY: A woman was fined heavy penalty over an insulting message she texted to one of her friends by using WhatsApp. The woman was shocked that she was fined 3,000 KD ($10,000), according to El Rdar news site. She wrote to her friend, "You have no shame and your parents failed to properly bring you up." The message was reported to the country's cybercrime bureau that took up immediate action. The report regarding the fine to the woman stirred intense reactions over the social media. Some people were of the view that the fine was well deserved. Some of the Twitter users opposed the step. It is considered a serious crime to insult others using social media in countries across the Gulf. Last month, such an incident happened in Saudi Arabia where a judge sentenced two women to 10 lashes each, after they insulted each other via the messaging app.




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