Obama refused to answer this Indian journalist's question

Dec 03, 2017
NEWS DESK: Former US President Barack Obama shot down an Indian journalist's question at the Town Hall organised by the Obama Foundation in Delhi for about 300 young leaders in India. Why? Because she was a journalist. Later, the journalist, Nidhi Razdan, expressed her disappointment over Obama's refusal to even hear her question in tweets and a blog on her channel's website. Here's the dialogue that took place between the journalist and the former POTUS: Razdan: President Obama, it's wonderful to be able to meet you here. My name is Nidhi Razdan. I work with a TV channel called NDTV. I have covered your meetings with Prime Minister Modi, with Dr Manmohan Singh, as a reporter so it's nice to just listen. My question.. Obama: Oh, you're a journalist? Razdan: Yeah haha. Obama: Well, you shouldn't.. No, you don't get a chance to ask a question. Oh, hold on. Sit down, sit down. No, no, no, no, no. I mean, look, you seem like a wonderful journalist. And you seem very professional.. Razdan: Why don't you hear the question first and decide if you want to answer. You might like the question. Obama: No. Because the goal here was to have these young people. You should report on all the wonderful young people. Come on give them a chance. Razdan: I'm doing that, too. Obama: You're in front of a microphone all the time. No no no. Sit down. Razdan: Why don't you hear the question first.. Obama: This young lady. No no, I'm sorry. Come on. Good try. Later, Razdan took to Twitter to express her disappointment over Obama's refusal to hear her question. Then, she penned a blog that was published on her channel's website. "I was lucky enough to be invited and for once, put my journalist's hat away and went to listen instead," she wrote. She further wrote that she "was lucky enough in a huge roomful of people, who all had their hands raised, to have the President call on me for a question. But the moment he heard that I was a reporter by profession, he said he would take a question from someone else since I "always had the chance to ask questions and the others did not!" Needless to say, it was disappointing, I wasn't there on assignment but invited by his Foundation."


Barack Obama

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