This Pakistani actress thinks it's okay to film people without their consent

By Minerwa Tahir NEWS DESK: Hania Amir, an actress and model who works in Pakistani drama serials, has recently caused a stir by posting a selfie video on Snapchat in which she is clearly violating the consent of a man seated behind her. "This man is struggling to get out of my photo," she says in the video. She laughs at the man when he fails in his struggle to get out of the video that she was making WITHOUT his consent. We wish Hania would get some basic education on consent.. While we're on the topic, men were their usual selves in their diversion and dilution of the issue at hand. People like this guy need to read up a bit on gender power dynamics. What's happening in Hania Amir's case is an abuse of privilege - NOT gender. Not every woman is in a position due to her gender to be able to abuse privilege like that. In fact, it's quite the opposite in most cases. Coming back to Hania, it seems like it's her 'thing' to record people without their consent. At least it seems so in this video:




Hania Amir

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