Ushna Shah steps forward with claims of harassment, supports Sharmeen

Oct 28, 2017
Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has come forward in defence of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy after the Oscar-winning filmmaker was slammed on Twitter for the 'harassment' saga that allegedly cost the job of a doctor at Agha Khan University Hospital. In a lengthy Facebook post, the actress criticised how the doctor had allegedly broken the confidence of his patient by sending Sharmeen's sister a Facebook friend request. Also read: AKUH doctor fired for sending FB friend request to Sharmeen's sister "When a woman goes to a male doctor, especially in Pakistan- she is blindly trusting and hoping against hope that when he is examining her, her body is simply a medical subject. She is a patient and he is looking at her, touching her, speaking to her as if she is a patient and nothing more," she wrote. "There is a filter on his eyes set by his years in med-school. When he goes out of his way to look her up, that filter is broken. He wants to know her as a person, as a woman. Which MEANS, when he touched her and examined her, she wasn’t a patient, she was a woman and she did NOT sign up for that," she wrote further. Ushna revealed how she had also been harassed by her Endocrinologist at a local hospital in Karachi and her physiotherapist in Lahore. "That being said, I’ve been harassed by my Endocrinologist from South City AND my physiotherapist in Lahore. I stopped going to both of them because I was uncomfortable. That’s inconvenient because they’re both supposedly the best in their fields." In conclusion, she slammed men and anti-feminist 'cool girls' who were attacking Sharmeen, urging them to ponder over what world they'd want their daughters to live in.






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