We warn each other of who to avoid: Bollywood actress on sexual harassment

Oct 27, 2017
MUMBAI: A Bollywood actress spoke about the sexual harrassment faced by her colleagues in B-Town. Richa Chadha, commenting on how amateur stars deal with constant harassment from influential figures, stated "Word gets around and so people start warning each other of who to avoid. I guess women do have safety devices." She further stated, "victims are complicit in the silence." Chadha stated that those involved in sexual harassment will keep committing their acts unless they are discovered and stopped. The solution she suggested was to shame the oppressor and the victims must be given a chance to voice out their problems without being judged. "We have to create an atmosphere where they can speak without being judged or humiliated," she stated. Chadha added that renowned Hollywood actor and director Quentin Tarantino must be questioned as to why he didn't raise the issue despite being well aware of Hollywood moghul Harvey Weinstein's sexual scandals with women.



sexual harassment

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