CERN and Pakistani Students

Oct 18, 2017
By Maemuna Sadaf CERN, the European organization for nuclear research, is named after the world’s biggest machine straddling the French-Swiss border. It is $9 billion complex that is buried at a depth of 575 feet. The scientists are working on theory of Big Bang in complex. The scientists, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe named GOD Particle. Now, the race is on at CERN to find elusive particles or Phenomena responsible for Dark matter and dark energy. CERN is the laboratory where internet, World Wide Web (www) was made. The first web page was led on April 30, 1993, which was available to anyone for free. CERN provide scholarships, jobs, visits to research scientists and students of Applied Physics, Engineering or Computing. They are provided training, living allowance, health and accidental expenses along with travel expense. Writing more, Pakistan became an associated member of CERN in September 2014. Pakistan is the first amongst Asian Countries who became associated member of this organization. Pakistan is participating in governance of CERN and attending meetings of its Council. Now, Pakistani scientists can become members of CERN staff and participate in training and career development program. It will also allow Pakistani industry to bid for CERN contracts. Apart from capacity building, provision of precision equipment will also bring foreign exchange and can contribute in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country. Pakistan is supplying equipments to support CERN programs since 2003. Pakistan Heavy Mechanical Complex-3 (HMC-3) has also won CERN award in 2006. The provision of equipments to CERN has raised Pakistan stature at International Scientific Scene, improving country’s image globally. Some of the Pakistani scientists and engineers have achieved fellowship in CERN. These brilliant scientists and engineers have been applauded internationally. Intellectually, Pakistani students are having more IQ (measure of Intelligence) than students of other Asian states. Research Scientists and students are achieving recognition and bringing honor to the nation internationally in the field of science and technology. CERN started providing scholarships and career opportunities, while benevolent Pakistani students and scientists but most of the students have not even applied for the said scholar ship even they are qualified. The reason of this is that our students do not know about this organization and Pakistan’s membership of CERN. This is not ignorance of students but also of parents, teachers and career planners. No doubt “Great hopes make great men” but if a person is unaware about opportunity the world is offering, he cannot achieve even he is able to achieve.  The proverb “there is no desire for what is not known” fits on our new generation. Concluding more, educating Pakistani students about these scholarship opportunities is necessary.  There is no career counseling in our country. Even no other profession is dreamed in our society, else than Doctor or Engineer. Limited professions are considered as prestigious in Pakistan. Parents want prestigious professions for their children. The mindset of parents should also be changed. For better future of children, parents should also gain Knowledge about global opportunities. The responsibility of Government lies in announcement of these scholarship opportunities in each college and university. The dean of university or college should also attain information and communicate this information to their students.  





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