Here's how you can give yourself a relaxing hair spa at home

Oct 04, 2017
NEWS DESK: Good hair doesn’t just happen; it takes a fair amount of elbow grease to maintain silky, soft tresses. However, often, the lack of time coupled with laziness makes us skimp on those oiling sessions making the hair dry and damaged. This is where the hair spa comes in; it is one of the best ways to nourish hair and keep them soft and healthy in the long run. If you do not have the time or energy to battle the crowd at the salons, you can give yourself a hair spa at home. According to a report published in Times of India, here’s how you can give yourself a hair spa at home: A hair spa involves five steps in the following order: massaging, steaming, cleansing, conditioning and applying hair mask. Step 1: Steaming Steaming the hair will open the pores on the scalp, helping oil reach deep within. It will also help release toxins and product build-up from the scalp. Boil three mugs of water and pour into a bucket. Add regular temperature water so that it becomes lukewarm. Dip a thin towel into the lukewarm water, squeeze out excess water and wrap it around your head, covering all the hair. Wait for 20 minutes and unwrap the towel to release the hair. Massage the head a little to work the oil into the hair. Step 2: Washing Wash away all traces of oil from the hair and scalp with a gentle shampoo. The steaming also helps release trapped impurities form the scalp which can be washed away while shampooing. Shampoo the hair twice to get rid of all the oil and rinse off thoroughly with normal water. Step 3: Conditioning Conditioning the hair fights dryness and helps in retaining the moisture. You can either use a store bought conditioner or a homemade one. Apply natural conditioner on your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it away. This will make the hair extra soft and shiny. Alternatively, you can try natural hair rinses that will nourish and add shine to your mane. Step 4: Hair mask The last step towards getting a hair spa is nourishing it with a natural hair mask. Pick hair mask according to your hair type so that it gets the right kind of nourishment and care. Natural ingredients like honey, eggs, yoghurt, aloe vera, banana, clay, oil etc. are used generally used to prepare DIY homemade hair masks. Apply hair mask and cover the head with a shower cap. Wash away with a mild shampoo after 20 minutes. Let your hair dry naturally after completing the process. Brush to get rid of knots and enjoy silky, smooth and pampered hair with this 5-step DIY hair spa. Benefits of hair spa treatment • Deep conditions the hair from within making it naturally soft and shiny. • Nourishes the hair roots and stimulates the scalp improving blood circulation resulting in better quality hair. • Improves hair texture by nourishing the hair strands and roots. • Hydrates the hair hence strengthening the hair follicles resulting in less breakage. • Cleanses the hair thoroughly and repairs damage caused by daily wear and tear. • Controls frizz, dryness and rough hair. • Has a relaxing effect on the body. Try giving yourself a hair spa twice a month for best results. You can experiment with different oils and ingredients to see what works best for your hair!



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