If your ex is a good human being, you can still be friends: Bipasha Basu

Sep 21, 2017
NEWS DESK: According to Bipasha Basu, if your ex is a good human being, you can still be friends, reported Bombay Times. One of the most celebrated Bollywood couples who are no more in a relationship with each other John Abraham and Bipasha Basu became quite a hot topic of discussion. Everyone thought that the two model-turned-actor couple might even tie the knot soon. However, due to reasons best known to them, they parted ways which sent shockwaves amongst the fans. Now both of them are happily married to their respective partners. Speaking about her break-up Bips told a leading daily, "No. It was definitely not amicable. No break-up is ever amicable. Otherwise, no one would break up. There are always reasons. Otherwise, there won't be any break-ups." She further added how her work took a secondary place in her life while she was in a relationship with John, "I felt abandoned. I was living in a lala land till then. Now sitting today I feel I was so foolish. During those nine years, I retracted from my work, pushed back opportunities, stood like a rock for the man I loved, did not meet people just to give that extra time to make my relationship work and then I realised that the thing I was working so hard for was gone overnight. It took me months to realise that it's over and I am abandoned. I went through a lot of pain. I used to howl, went into isolation, it hurt." Bipasha was asked if she would be friends with an ex and she promptly replied, "See if your ex is an as***** it's not possible. But if your ex is a good human being and things didn't gel well between you then, of course, it's possible, but it depends."


Bipasha Basu




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