Shah criticizes govt power, privatization policies

Nov 30, -0001

ISLAMABAD: Syed Khursheed Shah, leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Wednesday stated that Pakistan is generating costlier electricity as compared to India and Afghanistan.

Speaking on the floor of the lower house of the Parliament, Shah said that 31 percent of electricity is being generated by using costly furnace oil.

Electricity load shedding should have been reduced by now, but it has increased instead while electricity tariffs have been increased by 26 percent during the last four months, he said.

International crude oil prices which shot up to 116 US dollars a barrel in July have declined to $86 now but prices in Pakistan have not ben reduced yet. 

He also criticized government's privatization and said that profitable institutions are being privatized. The government should devise a privatization policy by consulting opposition parties. 

“The government should take practical measures to resolve public issues,” he said. -Samaa




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