Islamophobia much? Major UK news website replaces hijab with veil

Aug 29, 2017
LONDON: A major English news website by the name of Daily Mail used photoshop to replace a woman's hijab with that of a veil, in a classic display of Islamophobia.  The website had ran a news on two Muslim foster carers who had allegedly told a five-year-old Christian child in their care that 'Christmas and Easter are stupid and European women are alcoholics'. Alarmed over the situation, British MPs ordered an inquiry into the incident as to how a council could place the child in the foster care of parents allegedly against the wishes of the girl's family. The online version of the Daily Mail published the news and apparently changed the Muslim woman's hijab into a veil. The veil is worn by Muslim women that covers their whole body and face apart from the eyes. It has been criticised in several European countries, most notably France. Is Daily Mail promoting Islamophobia among its readers by deliberately replacing the hijab with the veil in the online version of the story?



daily mail


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