REVIEW: Comedy play 'Love on Sale' hits the nail on the head

Aug 09, 2017
78 By Shahjahan Khurram KARACHI: Comedy is one of the hardest genres to write, enact and perform live in front of a packed audience. However, team Green Veins made sure they were up to the task when they performed in front of a packed audience at the Arts Council on Tuesday, sending the audience into hysterics with a dose of comedy that lasted for two hours. 6 Omair is a street-smart individual who has the ability to con every single person he meets in the play. Starting from Qudsia Khala, whom we see right from the start, to a wig-sporting uncle with a protruding belly too eager to wed his daughter to the conman (unfortunately for him). Things slightly go awry when a distant relative of Qudsia Khala, who also happens to be the one renting her apartment to Omair (the conman), tells him that a distant relative of her named Zeeshan, is coming to stay with Omair. Things definitely go awry when various victims of Omair's deceptive tactics show up and poor Zeeshan has to cover for him! 3 Throughout the course of the play, double-meaning dialogues and unwarranted, witty situations add life to the play. A couple of songs and well choreographed dance moves added flavour to the entire performance by the cast. The often profane dialogues and adult comedy throughout the play should have been toned down by the director a notch--considering a lot of families comprised the attendees who watched the play. All in all, the play is a promising one that offers an array of characters each beset with his/her own problems. Love is certainly in the air with this play but with lots of twists and humor. 5 Lead actor, writer and director Younas Khan deserves a pat on the back for putting his blood, sweat and tears into the play and Maqsood Sabir's character ensured that there was never a dull moment with him on stage. Meer Aslam Lashari's character had the audience engaged throughout the play and the almost never-ending applause at the end of the show for him was quite evident that the audience loved every bit of his act. Good going lads, keep up the good work! Rating: 4/5




Arts Council


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