Munna Michael bites the dust!

Aug 03, 2017
munna-michael-poster-7 By:  Omair Alavi   The rise and fall of Tiger Shroff is something that can be discussed in educational institutions – he arrived with a bang but went bust after a few films, Munna Michael being the latest one. Shroff Junior’s latest failed miserably in India and Pakistan, with a couple of shows being cancelled in Karachi for no occupancy except one – me! The Plot The film revolved around Munna Michael (Tiger Shroff) who makes money by dancing in dance clubs and ripping off rich people who think they know how to dance; when his entry is banned in Mumbai, he shifts to Delhi and befriends local gangster Mahendar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). The Don asks Munna to train him become a Dancer so that he can impress his ladylove Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal). Munna falls for the same girl and things become complicated when she runs away from the gangsters and Munna helps her, instead of his friend. The Good Munna Michael is not the first buddy film where two friends fall for the same girl, neither it is the last where the hero and heroine escape from the clutches of the bad guy to start their lives over. Tiger Shroff must be commended for choosing films that suit him rather than going for ones that will benefit from him. He is a complete package since he can dance, act and fight but with films like these, he is wasting his talents big time. He should go all-action and use his talent wisely otherwise he will end up as another Aftab Shivdisani or Vivek Oberoi. The Bad Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nidhhi Agerwal fare badly in this Sabbir Khan film where the former comes out as a misfit and so does the latter. Yes, Nawaz can dance but in a film where dance in central to the project, he might seem like an outcast. Nidhhi Agerwal was selected through a competition but there are many scenes that fall flat because of her amateur acting. She looks way too young to be the leading lady and that’s why this film goes down and down instead of up, up and away. The script, the direction and the soundtrack is also childish and could have been better handled by the Captain of the Ship who loves to work with Tiger, for no reason.  Verdict – 1.5/5 Films like Munna Michael should not be released out of India, considering they are worst representative of their country. The pace is slow and one can judge the climax long before that takes place because the writer/director has tried to make the film for himself, rather than for the audience. Its poor show might make others realize that doing a film is not an honour, it is a challenge and every actor must take it as one. You can’t go about doing films if your parents were from the same field, talent and smart choices play an important part in one’s rise, and fall.



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Omair Alavi

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