LOL Waalay enchant audience with improv comedy gig

lol waalay By Shahjahan Khurram KARACHI: There aren't many comedians who can pull off improvisational comedy and that's understandable. For one, it's too darn difficult to pull off and at times, you may not have the wits or the crowd working to your advantage to make them laugh. However, that was not the case when the infamously famous LOL Waalay performed at a gig held at the Alliance Française.  The gig took place inside the art gallery of the place where chairs were lined up for the audience to sit on and witness the show. A large crowd preferred to sit on the floor of the gallery close enough to the performers to witness the show. One by one, the beat of the drum introduced the members of LOL Waalay to the stage. The audience members clapped for each and every member of the comedy troupe; Akbar Chaudhry being the last to enter and perhaps receiving the loudest applause of all (despite Ali Gul Pir's presence). As is the case with most improvisational comedy gigs, audience participation is a must and that is what mostly occurred. LOL Waalay delighted the audience by acting out scenarios or essaying temporarily hilarious characters which were marvelously chosen by the audience members on the spot. It was delightful to see the audience participation. One audience member (who was introduced by the moderator as a 'bald guy from the back') was up to the mark and acted out his character well when he was called to the stage. The hilarious skits included Justin Beiber dying from an overdose of pills in Orangi Town, two doctors in interior Sindh conversing about a patient who died from overeating and depressed superheroes sharing their woes. LOL Waalay members had to pick up on-the-spot from where the last comedian finished off and create an entire scenario from the previous dialogue. Ali Gul Pir's jokes were obviously met with thunderous applause and rousing laughter. Zubair Tariq's spontaneous antics were met with hysterical laughter from the attendees on more than once occasion. All in all, improvisational comedy gigs seldom occur in Pakistan. Though sound was an issue and one would rather have the comedians on-stage use a microphone rather than the moderator (for clarity purposes), it was a commendable performance.  





Ali Gul Pir

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