Cultivating creative minds

May 19, 2017
  kiemelkedik_158445473x By: Muzammil Ahmed Ferozi Education is considered as the most powerful tool for overall progress of a nation, but it is crucial to know first what “Education” means in its real sense. In this contemporary and competitive world just to have a degree is not enough! Degree can never ascertain progress and development or success for nation or even for an individual. The notion of development here is not confined to just economic strength but also encompasses the value of individual’s freedom. The main objective of education is to increase the level of consciousness and cultivate proactive approach by cultivating creative minds. Economic up gradation and G.D.P of a country or in common language the money for an individual is a byproduct simultaneously. Allocating sufficient budget for education and training for overall development of students must be the first priority of a country, without being serious and setting a national goal, future will be obscure and uncertain for upcoming generations. Pakistan luckily has larger population of youngsters, we have raw product now it’s time to use this power in the right direction. Our system of education must be reviewed; the strategic planning is needed for the betterment of education system these steps must be taken at earliest:
  • Ministry of education must be assign to an Educationist.
  • Hiring professional educationists for official staff in all educational departments.
  • Hiring professional Teachers and Trainers.
  • Designing goal oriented syllabus which also secures our national values.
  • Primary to Middle classes education must be free in Govt. institutions.
  • Government must implement education policy, including syllabus for all private institutions in specific spheres.
  • Publishing and printing must be of international standard and low cost.
  • Establish library culture in cities and towns.
  • Use electronic media specially channels for promoting education and learning attitudes.
  • Competitive environment for creativity among the institutions.
Simply I want to focus on this point that why don’t we have a system of education that recognized creativity, to teach different ways of problem solving methodology or creative solutions to real world scenario. We need to embrace creativity as a part of learning in our educational goal. For reference “use of creativity model” I would like to mention “The Osborne –parnes Model” which is oldest and widely accepted model, it is often used in education and in business improvement to promote creativity. In this model each step involves a divergent thinking pattern to challenge ideas and then convergent thinking to narrow down exploration. It has six steps:
  • Mess-finding. Identify a goal or objective.
  • Fact finding. Gathering data.
  • Problem finding. Clarifying the problem.
  • Idea finding. Generating ideas.
  • Solution finding. Strengthen & evaluating ideas.
  • Acceptance finding. Plan of action for implementing ideas.
Do we have the above mentioned methodology in our education system? Certainly Not! Creativity builds confidence in learners. We have to think creativity as a skill we have to realize that learning is not just the acquisition of fact and what a disappointing state that in our government schools and in most of the private primary schools, higher secondary even in colleges and universities teaching students out-dated or obsolete science books or the syllabus they have, no activity area to cultivate creative attitude in the students. Learning doesn’t just mean that a person has memorized a concept. We need to set the learning behaviors of the students for quality education. Knowledge must be applied to the real world situation. Success in the world that an individual can interact with his /her environment in a meaningful and helpful way, We have to keep in our mind that creativity is necessary for innovation, New ideas are emerged from creativity and creativity can never be articulated unless the student is engaged and apt to carry out brain power, the knowledge in an innovative way. According to San Jose Calif Nov.7th 2012,” creative thinking deserves a much higher priority in education, and it should be taught as a class, like math or science. According to his report, around the world educators already fostering creative thinking with their students and creativity is a critical competency that should be taught with in all disciplines, this will raise the global economy and the carrier success of the next generation.” It clearly means “The ability to come up with an innovative ideas and conclusively creativity and creative thinking deserves a bigger role in education” By summing up my discussion I would like to advise all educators in our country to promote creative learning in their teaching circles in spheres so that our students who are having degrees could stable themselves as well as their beloved country’s economy because I believe that positivity promotes productivity. “Feel good feelings” Gives a student the sensation that helps promotes concentration this in turn leads to increase productivity. Writer’s Intro: Muzammil Ahmed Ferozi, working Journalist and Teacher. Readers may contact him for feedback @maferozi on twitter



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