Live Updates: Pakistan beat West Indies to clinch ODI series

Apr 11, 2017
261343.3 What a finish..!! Pakistan won by six wickets against West Indies in third ODI. Shoaib Malik secures his ninth ODI hundred as Pakistan complete a comfortable chase to seal the series 2-1 End of over 43 (12 runs) Pakistan 230/4 End of over 42 (7 runs) Pakistan 218/4 End of over 41 (4 runs) Pakistan 211/4 End of over 40 (9 runs) Pakistan 207/4 End of over 39 (3 runs) Pakistan 198/4 End of over 38 (5 runs) Pakistan 195/4 End of over 37 (10 runs) Pakistan 190/4 End of over 36 (7 runs) Pakistan 180/4 End of over 35 (2 runs) Pakistan 173/4 End of over 34 (5 runs) Pakistan 171/4 End of over 33 (8 runs) Pakistan 166/4 261345.3 Fifty for Shoaib Malik. He made a half century on the crucial time of the match. End of over 32 (5 runs) Pakistan 158/4 End of over 31 (3 runs) Pakistan 153/4
d of over 30 (4 runs) Pakistan 150/4 29.5 Mohammad Hafeez c Permaul b Nurse 81 (86b 8x4 2x6) SR: 94.18 End of over 29 (1 run) Pakistan 146/3 End of over 28 (11 runs) Pakistan 145/3 End of over 27 (2 runs) Pakistan 134/3 End of over 26 (8 runs) Pakistan 132/3 End of over 25 (5 runs) Pakistan 124/3 End of over 24 (6 runs) Pakistan 119/3 End of over 23 (13 runs) Pakistan 113/3 End of over 22 (8 runs) Pakistan 100/3 Fifty for Mohammad Hafeez. Excellent performance. End of over 21 (3 runs) Pakistan 92/3 End of over 20 (4 runs) Pakistan 89/3 End of over 19 (8 runs) Pakistan 85/3 End of over 18 (1 run) Pakistan 77/3 End of over 17 (14 runs) Pakistan 76/3 End of over 16 (maiden) Pakistan 62/3 End of over 15 (5 runs) Pakistan 62/3 End of over 14 (2 runs) Pakistan 57/3 End of over 13 (4 runs) Pakistan 55/3 End of over 12 (5 runs) Pakistan 51/3 End of over 11 (1 run) Pakistan 46/3 End of over 10 (8 runs) Pakistan 45/3 End of over 9 (6 runs) Pakistan 37/3 261342 8.4 Babar Azam b Gabriel 16 (22b 3x4 0x6) SR: 72.72 End of over 8 (5 runs) Pakistan 31/2 End of over 7 (9 runs) Pakistan 26/2 End of over 6 (1 run) Pakistan 17/2 Holder to Ahmed Shehzad, OUT, Shahzad too close to cut and edged to Hope's right who himself sideways and grasped it with one hand - another ones bites the dust!

5.1 Ahmed Shehzad c †Hope b Holder 3 (14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 21.42

End of the fifth over (8 runs) Pakistan 16/1 End of the fourth over (4 runs) Pakistan 8/1 End of the third over (3 runs) Pakistan 4/1 End of the 2nd over (o run) Pakistan 1/1 A maiden over by Jason Holder speaks volumes of the fact that Pakistan is under a great deal of pressure after losing a wicket on the first ball in their quest to chase down 234 runs. End of the 1st over (1 run) Pakistan 1/1 After losing Akmal on the very first ball, Pakistan are under pressure and playing cautiously. 0.1 Kamran Akmal c Powell b Gabriel 0   49.6 Bishoo run out 0 runs 49.4 Permaul c Hafeez b Amir 8 runs End of the 49th over (8 runs) West Indies 228/7 Impressive strike rotation by the Permaul and Nurse help West Indies secure 8 runs from the over. End of the 48th over (3 runs) West Indies 220/7 A good over from Mohammad Amir. He gives away only three runs from it and also secures the wicket of Jason Holder, who is caught comfortably by Shadab Khan out in the deep. 47.3 J.Holder c Shadab Khan b Amir 12 runs End of the 47th over (5 runs) West Indies 217/6 End of the 46th over (8 runs) West Indies 212/6 Shadab Khan went for a six but then dismissed Hope, who tried to hit him for a six but was caught by Malik's safe hands. 45.4 Shai Hope c Malik b Shadab Khan 71 runs End of the 45th over (12 runs) West Indies 204/5 Another relentless six from Hope makes it his second as West Indies rake 12 runs from the over. Pakistani bowling attack seems to be under pressure. End of the 44th over (8 runs) West Indies 192/5 43.3 JL Carter b Shadab Khan 11 runs End of the 43rd over (4 runs) West Indies 184/4 End of the 42nd over (11 runs) West Indies 180/4 Hope finally lets loose and hits Shadab Khan's poorly bowled short googly, sending it out of the park for a six. End of the 41st over (8 runs) West Indies 169/4 A good over for Pakistan as Junaid Khan was able to dismiss and take the much-prized wicket of Jason Mohammed. 40.4 KOA Powell st †Sarfraz Ahmed b Imad Wasim 23  End of the 40th over (4 runs) West Indies 161/3 End of the 39th over (1 run) West Indies 157/3 End of the 38th over (7 runs) West Indies 156/3 End of the 37th over (5 runs) West Indies 149/3 End of the 36th over (6 runs) West Indies 144/3 End of the 35th over (10 runs) West Indies 138/3 End of the 34th over (12 runs) West Indies 128/3 End of the 33rd over (9 runs) West Indies 116/3 End of the 32nd over (2 runs) West Indies 107/3 End of the 31st over (2 runs) West Indies 105/3 End of the 30th over (5 runs) West Indies 103/3 End of the 29th over (2 runs) West Indies 98/3 End of the 28th over (2 runs) West Indies 96/3 End of the 27th over (2 runs) West Indies 94/3 End of the 26th over (10 runs) West Indies 92/3 A good over for the West Indies as Shadab goes for 10 runs in his first over. End of the 25th over (2 runs) West Indies 82/3 End of the 24th over (4 runs) West Indies 80/3 End of the 23rd over (3 runs) West Indies 76/3 End of the 22nd over (2 runs) West Indies 73/3 End of the 21st over (0 run) West Indies 71/3 End of the 20th over (3 runs) West Indies 71/3 End of the 19th over (2 runs) West Indies 68/3 18.5 KOA Powell st †Sarfraz Ahmed b Imad Wasim 23 runs End of the 18th over (2 runs) West Indies 66/2 End of the 17th over (6 runs) West Indies 64/2 Kamran Akmal drops a sitter leaving Sarfaraz Ahmad furious. Keiron Powell survives another delivery courtesy Akmal's poor fielding. End of the 16th over (3 runs) West Indies 58/2 End of the 15th over (1 run) West Indies 55/2 End of the 14th over (3 runs) West Indies 54/2 End of the 13th over (3 runs) West Indies 51/2 End of the 12th over (4 runs) West Indies 48/2 End of the 11th over (0 run) West Indies 44/2 End of the 10th over (4 runs) West Indies 44/2 End of the 9th over (5 runs) West Indies 40/2 Hasan Ali strikes in the very first over for Pakistan, taking the second scalp of the Windies. The dangerous player Walton is dismissed, bowled by Hasan. 8.6 CAK Walton b Hasan Ali 19 runs End of the 8th over (4 runs) West Indies 35/1 A wicket by Junaid Khan forces the West Indies batsmen to play with caution as Pakistan look to press on by drawing first blood. 7.1 E Lewis c Mohammad Hafeez b Junaid Khan 16 runs End of the 7th over (7 runs) West Indies 31/0 Walton sends Amir's poor delivery to the boundary, playing off the back foot as Sarfaraz's frustration grows. End of the 6th over (5 runs) West Indies 24/0 End of the 5th over (5 runs) West Indies 19/0 Walton opens up the face of the bat to slap a bowl off Amir to the fence for four. End of the 4th over (2 runs) West Indies 14/0 End of the 3rd over (3 runs) West Indies 12/0 A couple of good deliveries by Mohammad Amir unsettled the Windies batsmen a little. End of the 2nd over (7 runs) West Indies 9/0 End of the 1st over (2 runs) West Indies 2/0 GUYANA:West Indies won the toss against Pakistan on Tuesday and chose to bat first against the visitors in the 3rd and final ODI . Pakistan have never lost an ODI series against West Indies for the past 26 years and skipper Sarfaraz will do everything in his power to keep the record that way as the two sides clash at Providence cricket stadium. Squads:-  


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