Playboy model Jenny McCarthy discusses new book inspired by son

Nov 30, -0001
NEW YORK: Playboy model and MTV Video Jockey Jenny McCarthy has just released her latest book, 'Healing and Preventing Autism.'

The book aims to help parents with the changes they can make in their autistic children's life, to help them heal.

McCarthy became a strong advocate for medical interventions after her son Evan was diagnosed with autism at two and a half.

In her latest book, McCarthy discusses early warning signs for autism, along with diffusing chemical, environmental and food triggers.

"My main message for this book is for parents to know they have the right, they have a voice, that I want them to become empowered to take their child's health into their own hands," said McCarthy. "We have a lot of distrust now, in the healthcare system, and in our doctors. So by reading this book, I want parents to start questioning vaccines, start questioning the toxins in the environment."

McCarthy has been dating actor Jim Carrey for several years. The couple have started their own autism related organization, "Generation Rescue."

"Jim has been our back bone through this all," said McCarthy.

"Through this whole experience. He was around soon after Evan was first diagnosed with autism. He was a first hand witness on him recovering. Every time he would see Evan he would be shocked that Evan was now looking at him, or laughing at him. Jim would try so hard to make Evan laugh. This audience called autism does not think you are funny, even if you are Jim Carrey. So when Evan started laughing at Jim's jokes, he was blown away and he would ask me what I did. I would say 'I implemented cod liver oil or I implemented a probiotic,' so he has been my big supporter and now a firm believer in this thing called recovery."

Controversial as her theories may be, McCarthy has gained plenty of attention for her programs that have helped change the lives of many autistic children. -AGENCIES





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