London Baby Show- Latest gadgets to make parenthood easier

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LONDON: It's motherhood, but not as most of our grandmother's would know it. The London baby show is as glittering and as glamorous as you can get.

Maternity dresses are sleeker.

These might be smocks, but they don't look like something you'd hang around the house in.

It's not surprising then that the men and women here will part with at least seven million pounds (ten and a half million dollars) this weekend and the companies here expect to make that amount again in sales straight after the show.

The Baby Show's creative director Sean Canning says people are now dressing their children like little versions of themselves.

He says there are now mini versions of every designer there is.

So the sleep suits, or rompers are out in favour of a specially selected outfit.

The mums here are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

This glossy advertisement is for a belt which lulls your baby with surround sound.

The makers Ritmo say they invented because of growing research that playing music to your baby in the womb is beneficial even after it's born.

It straps close to the skin and it has four built in disc shaped speakers at the front.

Company spokesman Julie Nagree is seventeen weeks pregnant and she's already trying it out.

Nagree says she hasn't had much of a response from the baby yet because reactive listening in the womb doesn't start until then.

Once your baby is born there are plenty of other products which can be used to soothe them.

This cot has a pulsating mattress which, the manufacturer claims can lull you child into a peaceful sleep without keeping you up on your feet all night.

Air pressure is sent from a quiet pump, up some tubes and into the mattress which moves up and down as a result.

Inventor Lynda Harding says she knows it's practical because she had the inspiration for it when her youngest son Bradley was born.

She says "the only thing that actually managed to settle him off to sleep was if I leant over the side of the cot and lifted the mattress up and down. So I sort of looked around for a product that would do a similar sort of thing out there."

Despite scouring the internet Harding says she found nothing that would help him "so I decided to bite the bullet and come up with a product myself."

All these products are on the market for the first time this year, but while they are very clever, success isn't certain.

Mum Heidi Moore says "my only concern is it's a product which you're going to rely on, in a situation where you're away from home visiting grand-parents, friends, you're going to have to take the whole set-up with you."

Moore believes "if you can do things as natural as possible I think you're onto more of a winner."

The Baby Show runs at London's Excel centre from Feb 12-21 2010. AGENCIES.




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