Famed playwright Kh. Moin being remembered today

Nov 30, -0001
Staff ReportKARACHI: Famous playwright Khawaja Moinuddin is being remembered on his death anniversary today (Wednesday).Khawaja Moinuddin was born on March 23, 1924, in Topran, a city in the state of Deccan. He had a deep interest in the dramatic arts and wrote and produced many plays during his student days. After graduating, he wrote and broadcast a satirical programme ‘Gunbad Ki Awaz’ from Deccan Radio.One of his 17 plays, Khawaja Moinuddin wrote seven during his stay at Hyderabad (Deccan):‘Taraqqi Pasand Mushaera’, ‘Sarkari Zuban’, ‘Anjuman-e-Satta Bazan’, ‘Purane Mahal’, Jashn-e-Azadi’, ‘Intekhab’ and ‘Nannha Nawab’. In his plays and radio programmes, he would criticize the Indian government and its policies towards the princely state of Deccan. After the Indian attack on Deccan he had to migrate to Pakistan. In 1949, he wrote and staged the play ‘Zawal-e-Hyderabad’. In 1951, Khawaja Sahib wrote and produced a play ‘Naya Nishan’, written against the backdrop of Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. Later, it was renamed to ‘Wadi-e-Kashmir’. Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu was to celebrate its golden jubilee in 1952. On Baba-e-Urdu Moulvi Abdul Haq’s recommendation Khawaja Sahib wrote a satirical play ‘Lal Qile Se Laloo Khet’ for the occasion. This tragic-comedy reflects the agonies people went through during and after migrating from India to Pakistan. In 1954, he wrote ‘Taleem-e-Balighan’, a hilarious play with pinching satire, for college students and its theme was Quaid-e-Azam’s motto of ‘Faith, Unity, Discipline’. One of Khawaja Sahib’s hits is his play ‘Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Par’, written in 1956. Like his other works, this satirical comedy is based on social and political problems and has a nationalistic approach. In this play, later televised, Ghalib meets on Karachi’s Bunder Road (now M.A. Jinnah Road) many characters that portray Karachi’s milieu and Pakistan’s many problems in the early years of independence. His other plays include ‘Jail Ko Kahain Susral’, ‘Saawan Ka Andha’, ‘Intekhabi Jalsa’ and ‘Jo Chamke wo Sona’. Khawaja Moinuddin’s love for Urdu knew no bounds. Khawaja Moinuddin died on November 9, 1971, in Karachi and was buried at Karachi’s Sakhi Hasan Graveyard. After his death, the Drama Guild, Karachi, published ‘Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Par’ in 1973 and ‘Lal Qile Se Laloo Khet’ in 1975. SAMAA




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