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Karachi’s haunted house will give you chills in broad daylight

It is located near II Chundrigar Road

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 10, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 months ago
Posted: Nov 10, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 months ago

Near II Chundrigar Road in Karachi stands a derelict building with its walls done in a sinister shade of pink and where the invisible make their presence felt even during broad daylight, frightening the visible away.

Some residents say the building is inhabited by a woman's ghost, and others claim to have experienced more than a single being’s presence.

According to the watchman, the building housed an office 20 years ago but then people left and no one occupied it ever again. The man who had rented a portion for office space went “mad”. 

The watchman was once visited by his family who told him that he had suffered memory loss from fear. 

A woman who lives in the neighbouring building confirmed that there is indeed something unnatural about the haunted property.  

“There used to be offices,” she said. “But after the building was vacated they don’t let anyone stay. Sometimes we feel like someone is trying to talk to us.”

Once a worker was beaten inside the building as well.

Reporting by Rehan Ahmed

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One Comment

  1. Shahid M Owaisi  November 13, 2021 2:31 pm/ Reply

    Usually behind such ghost are either builder mafia or someone wants to buy the precious property to 100 percent cheapest then original price .sometime owner. Living abroad permanently spread such thing not occupy their property .why ghost wants to live in posh residential or commercial areas and not in Orangi korangi ?if someone needs to keep there property safe can hire my services.in70s I grew up with such rumors about LAL KOTHHI at main share Faisal even taxi rickshaw drivers refused to go their it’s revealed about 30years later when en the owner then become old and came back from USA and start living there.1.someone wanted to keep his property 2.someone wants to buy at the most cheapest rate to erect commercial plaza.

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Karachi, haunted building
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